Opening of a manufacturing plant


The images illustrate some preliminary phases of the preparation, during which the backdrops and the screens have been prepared in way of delimiting the perimeter of the area.A long backdrop suspended to a special frame, realized with ASL300S - Light Sceno 300 cm sheer muslin, natural colour, plays with the transparency of the fabric.
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A 5 m wide 5L - Professional motorized screen had been suspended to the structures of the shed.The rear-projection screen is made of RNV - Nevada film.
On the left, a long backdrop realized with the film for rear-projections RNV - Nevada where, during the event, they will be projected some images, films and games of lights. On the right, a semitransparent backdrop realized with the film QGH - Ghiaccio.

The same backdrops RNV - Nevada and QGH - Ghiaccio seen by a behind perspective. The backdrops QGH - Ghiaccio allow to alternate to the transparency some original reflecting effects, playing with the frontal illumination and the rear-illumination.
The backdrop for rear-projections RNV - Nevada after the lifting of the 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm to which the lights had been suspended.
Again the backdrop RNV - Nevada and, at the back on the right, the backdrop QGH - Ghiaccio.The backdrop was stretched on a taylor made Metal frame with some profiled with squared section made of aluminum.
One of the main Italian industrial groups opened in Romania a big manufacturing plant.
For its inauguration, to which important Italian and Rumanian personalities intervened, it was prepared a space that allowed to clearly delimit the area used by the event, and at the same time it allowed to glimpse the productive departments of the plant.
Maurizio Tricomi - MTA Architettura
Year of execution

Materials used in this production

5L - Professional

Motorized roll-up screens

9TM - Metal frames

Frames for stagecraft

ASL - Light Sceno

Sheer muslin

QGH - Ghiaccio

Decorative films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

RNV - Nevada

Rear-projection films

ZFG - Backdrops made of QGH - Ghiaccio

Mirror / transparent backdrops

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