Order of the Architects of Rome


The planners, the architects Alessandro D'Onofrio, Fabio Speranza and Nicolas Nebiolo, chose to confer to the booth a marked character of artistic installation that underlined the institutionality of the presence of the Order to the fair exhibition. The properties of the materials (transparency, light reflession, iridescence), the segmentation of the lines and the chromatic choices allowed to get a result that is distinguished for lightness and neatness, and develops an amalgamating and cohesive function for the variety and the heterogeneity of the services in exposition. The image underlines the elegant transparency of the tense backdrop made of black BGOP - Gobelin Teatro that closes the high perimeter of the installation.
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The lightness of the structure built with 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm, the games of transparency of the fabrics and the mirroring and rear-projection films, make the stand transmit to the visitors a feeling of immateriality that, in the overcrowding of the exhibition and in its merely commercial spirit contributed to underline instead the socio-cultural aspects and the professional services linked to the presence of the Order. One can certainly affirm that the planners' intention (''... not a container of objects on show, but a visionary and dreamlike machine conceived for transmitting the message of a dynamic institution, complex and unitary, in a constant search of novelty'') found a successful comparison in the implementation of the result.
Illuminated in transparency through the black BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle, a backdrop made of white PBO - Bianco Ottico film exposes with Digital printing the logo of the Order of the Architects of Rome, and the radial diagram, composed by disks of many colours, that illustrates the multiplicity of the services that the Order offers to its own professionals. The colours of the diagram are shown, always in Digital printing, by the strips of film for rear-projection RNB - Nebbia that point out where, in the area of the exhibition, it is possible to receive information on each of the services.
Nine vertical backdrops realized with the silvery film for rear-projection RNB - Nebbia bring in Digital printing the indications of the principal services exposed by the Order of the Architects of Rome and the colours with which these are identified. The service Monitor, for instance, makes available to the professionals enrolled to the Order the Virtual desk, constituted by a web-platform endowed with manifold functions (certified mailing, digital signature, management of the administrative procedures of building activities, etc.);the Tecnoteca and Materioteca, space of consultation for the search of technical and innovative material solutions;Progetti, an observatory that individualizes and promotes the deserving jobs of still unknown architects;Documentazione, that catalogs and digitalizes in a systematic way images and remarkable texts of the activities of the architects.
The presence of the floor TSG - Silviastar Goffrato (out of productie at the moment), with its filtered brightness and polished characteristic, accented the lightness and the elegance of the installation.
Again in evidence the characteristics of silvery and glazed light reflection of the floor TSG - Silviastar Goffrato.
Tightened backdrops tilted in iridescent fabric HLU - Lucilla alternate to strips of reflecting / transparent QSM - Magic Mirror Film, creating refractions and light games, enlivening with discretion the installation, neutralizing the presence of the several colours engraved with Digital printing on the many vertical RNB - Nebbia backdrops.
The area of Thematic Close Examination of the stand, endowed with interactive multimedial placings devoted to the presentation of the services.
A Build Up Expo, the 1st Fair of the Architecture and the Constructions organized by the Fiera di Milano (February 6-10th 2007), through a simple but with notable aesthetical value installation, the Order of the Architects of Rome and Province introduced a dynamic model of relationships with the professional world through a multiplicity of services and functional products devoted to the updating and the qualification of the Roman architects.
Professional formation, documentation, culture and technology in a system of services of excellence that changes the way of planning: this is the formula of EXTRAORDINARIO, the container of tools and functions conceived by the Order of the Architects of Rome to interact with enterprises, institutions, society.
Project of the installation
STALKagency - Roma
Studio Multidisciplinare di Architettura
Alessandro D'Onofrio
Fabio Speranza
Nicolas Nebiolo

Materials used in this production

7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm

Aluminium trusses

BGOP - Gobelin Teatro

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Digital printing rear-illuminated backdrops

Printing on vinyl

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

HLU - Lucilla

Metallic aspect fabrics

PBL - Blackout

Frontal projection films

PWG - White Graphic digital printing

Printing on vinyl

RNB - Nebbia

Rear-projection films

ZSM - Mirrors made of QSM - Magic Mirror Film

Projection / transparency backdrops

Information on data processing