RAI, ''Con tutto il cuore''


The backdrops made of ASC - Sceno, white colour, that surround the small set were framed by MPD - Pelle di Diavolo, colour 3 gold.The MPD - Pelle di Diavolo is often used, as well as for the realization of the backdrops, for that of decorative bands like those of the example.The Rear-projection screen, in central position, is manufactured with RNO - Notturno film.The square backdrops made of ASC - Sceno, white color, are used for frontal projection of light games.
The set of a known Italian television, which in each edition deals with the promotion of important international volunteer activities, has been realized with a very simple set design built on the stage of a small cinema-theatre.

Materials used in this production

ASC - Sceno

Muslin and canvas

MPD - Pelle di Diavolo

Metallic aspect fabrics

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

RNO - Notturno

Rear-projection films

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