Teatro Comunale of Oleggio

Oleggio (Italy)

A ''naked'' view of the stage without curtain and Stage masking, at the end of the installation of the mechanic of the stage. At the top, above the galleries, the Fixed pulleys are well visible, with the Manual fly facilities with 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm and the 5P - Policinale screen in closed position.
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The 5P - Policinale screen during the descent.The screen, with a width of 10,40 m was realized with the film for frontal projections PMI - Bianco Ottico Perforato.In evidence the first truss of the lights.
A view of the hall and of the ample arched proscenium. The 5P - Policinale screen is completely open and ready for the projections.

The Traveller curtain is endowed with a mechanism of opening with manual rail system Kompas. The Stage masking with four wings was realized in black COS - Oscurante molton.
A wider view of the hall, that can entertain around one hundred people.
The view of the stage from the proscenium puts in evidence, besides the curtain with valance, also the wings, the tops, the trusses of the lights and the black backdrop.
On the occasion of the restructuring of the stage of the Teatro Comunale, the hall was endowed with a big 5P - Policinale screen, with a new Stage masking, with new Fixed pulleys with Manual fly facilities and with a new mechanic system for the Traveller curtain.
Architectural project of the restructuring and direction of the works
Paolo Crola

Materials used in this production

1K - Kompas

Track systems

5P - Policinale

Motorized roll-up screens

7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm

Aluminium trusses

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Fixed pulleys

Rigging systems

FOT - Otello


Manual fly facilities

Rigging systems

Stage maskings

Acoustic curtains

Traveller curtains

Typology of curtain

Information on data processing