3A - Aircraft Cables


Teatro Municipale - Upper hall The system made of 3A - Aircraft cable of a Venetian curtain.
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Winter Olympics Turin 2006 - Net and counterbalanced fly facilities A system of Counterbalanced fly facilities with 3A - Aircraft cable destined to neutralize the weight of twenty-eight acrobats performing an aerial exhibition.
Michel Sardou, ''Bercy 2001'' 3A - Aircraft cable for a big round Roman curtain with a truss system used for a concert.
3A - Aircraft cable used for a 2AM - Hand-crank M winch.
Steel cable for lifting suitable for various stagecraft applications.
It is characterized by high performance, low extensibility and high cut resistance compared to textile ropes.
Flame reaction
it is incombustible because of its stainless steel composition, metals are included (by way of example) in the following classes:
UNI 9177 class 0
EN 13501-1 class A
Materials made entirely of metal are considered incombustible without being tested and they are not expected to receive any type approval (Decision 96/603 / EC)
zinced steel
114 wires, right winding pre-formed
Length per roll
about 200 m

ě mm / Weight g/m╣ / Breacking load kg
. .
ě 3 mm / . 33 g/m╣ / .. 500 kg
ě 4 mm / . 55 g/m╣ / .. 900 kg
ě 5 mm / . 93 g/m╣ / 1.400 kg
ě 6 mm / 135 g/m╣ / 2.250 kg
The breaking load is theoretical

as an accessory for tailor made creations

This material was used for...

Michel Sardou, ''Bercy 2001''


Tableau vivant

Theatre ''di figura''

Teatro i, ''Before the Retirement''

Prose theatre

Teatro Municipale - Upper hall

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Winter Olympics Turin 2006, net and counterbalanced fly facilities


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