Festival Mozart, ''Il re pastore''

La Coruña

The sketch of a backdrop performed by the scenografo José Hernández, that has entitled it Paisaje bucólico.The nineteen year-old Mozart was entrusted by the archbishop of Salzburg to compose The King Shepherd on the occasion of the passage of the archduke Maximilian, the last-born son of the empress Maria Theresia von Österreich.The first execution happened in front of the archduke, at the Archiepiscopal Palace, and it was conducted by the author.The definition ''serenade'', attributed to the composition by the same Mozart, is probably due to the absence of a stage installation with which the first representation was programmed.
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José Hernández founded his own scenography on six painted backdrops made of ASC1000S - Sceno width 1.000 cm - Flame retardant, 13 m wide and 7 m high, that evoke the spatial frames mentioned in the libretto.Here are the annotations that Hernández wrote on the sketches:1. Campamento (camp)2. Bosque (wood)3. Gruta (cave)4. Templo (temple) The austere scenographical line chosen by Hernández acquires a great comprehensibility and value if one considers it at the light of the bare formulation of the first mozartian execution in Salzburg, that the Spanish painter, illustrator and scenographer seems almost to recover philologically, although mantaining a very personal point of view.
The last of the five backdrops, on whose sketch José Hernández annotated: Los arboles estan a eje, coincidiran con la puerta del templo (the trees are in axle, they will coincide with the door of the temple).The backdrop is here in progress of execution in the laboratory of the scene painter Manel Alcántara.
The painter Manel Alcántara at the end of the work on the backdrop Bosque.
After the ASC1000S - Sceno width 1.000 cm - Flame retardant backdrops had been painted returned in the workshop in order to be submitted to the finishing works.
The backdrop Bosque, after the works of sewing, is going to be packed and shipped to La Coruña.
The assemblage on stage of the backdrop Campamento overlapped to the backdrop Bosque.
The assemblage on stage of the backdrop Templo overlapped to the backdrop Arboles.
Serenade in two acts
First night
Salzburg, Palace of the Archbishop, 23/4/1775

Costume design
Lorenzo Caprile
Light design
Miguel Camacho
Pictorial realizations
Manel Alcántara
Scenographical workshop
Pinto's - Miguel Brayda
Stage direction
Eduardo Vasco

Palacio de la Ópera of La Coruña
2007 - Festival Mozart

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