RTE - Temporale

Rear-projections film

RTE - Temporale The film in backlighting and with frontal lighting.A. embossed and matte viewing sideB. less embossed and less matte back
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Art Theatre Anton Chekhov of Moscow, ''Three Sisters'' On the sides, two Rear-projection screens made of RTE - Temporale, 7 x h 7 m.Leaning on the scene, a Rear-projection screen made of RTE - Temporale, 8.4 x 4.17 m.
Teatro San Carlo, ''Die Walküre'' Rear-illuminated backdrop manufactured with the film RTE - Temporale ...
... used to create a luminous background of any colour and with adjustable light intensity.
Teatro Lirico of Cagliari, ''Die Feen'' The flames are rear-projected on a Rear-illuminated backdrop realized with the film RTE - Temporale ...
... which is used here to create colour luminous background with variable colours.The trees with the gigantic leaves have been realized in painted ASC - Sceno muslin ...
... and they were sewn on a big backdrop made of black BIT - Italiano tulle that develops the function of an invisible supporting net.
Teatro San Carlo, ''Tristan und Isolde'' The cloudy sky is a video projection effected on a Rear-projection screen realized with the film RTE - Temporale.The sea was realized with the QCU - Cubafilm opportunely worked in folds to get the particular reflecting effect.
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
UNI 9177 class 1
100% PVC
400 g/m²
0,30 mm
140 cm
100 m
Packing method
visual side embossed and matte

Peak transmittance
0.31 β
Peak gain
0.47 β
Rating 4.0 brightness
Rating 4.0 contrast
Rating 4.0 color fidelity - hot colour temperature
Rating 5.0 cone of vision
Rating 3.0 anti hot spot (light diffusion)
Rating 4.0 anti parasitic light (interference environmental light)
Front projection
Rating 4.0
Rating 5.0 for rear-illumination

by the metre (folded or rolled, max. 25 m rolls)
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

RTE - Temporale A. embossed matte grey (vision side)B. smooth shiny grey (back)

This material was used for...

Art Theatre Anton Chekhov, ''Three Sisters''

Prose theatre

Rossini Opera Festival, ''La gazzetta''

Lyric opera

Suntory Hall, ''La Bohème''

Lyric opera

Teatro Carlo Felice, ''Werther''

Lyric opera

Teatro del Canguro, ''Pinocchio''

Theatre ''di figura''

Teatro Lirico, ''Die Feen''

Lyric opera

Teatro Real, ''Les contes d'Hoffmann''

Lyric opera

Teatro Real, ''O corvo branco''

Lyric opera

Teatro San Carlo, ''Die Walküre''

Lyric opera

Teatro San Carlo, ''Tristan und Isolde''

Lyric opera

Teatro Verdi, ''Paganini''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

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