Italian wedding


The interiors of two large garden gazebos with waterproof cover ...
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... have been furnished to host the celebrations of a wedding.
Everything is ready for the luxurious convivial reunion ...
... every detail has to compete to make it unforgettable to the participants.
The draped coverage manufactured with white EVT - Light Sceno Poly with convergent fullness.
The draped backdrops manufactured with convergent fullness for the coverages ...
... have a development, along the perimeter of the pavillons, of around 32 m.
The big impermeable coverages of two octagonal gazebos for garden of around 115 m≤ is been covered, in the inside, to substantially modify the aesthetics of the place, with some draped backdrops made of white EVT - Light Sceno Poly with convergent fullness.
The images, taken before the beginning of the celebrations, allow to appreciate the elegance of the result.

Materials used in this production


Frames for stagecraft

Convergent fullness

Fabric: tailoring types

EVT - Light Sceno Poly

Sheer muslin

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