Limeart, ''R#5: Time+Air Dance''

Rimini (Italy)

The reflex of the scene is melted, on the surface of the ZSM - Magic Mirror, with the video shot electronically elaborated and proposed by the LED screen.The obscuring of the perimeter of the area of the installation was obtained with several backdrops made of COS - Oscurante molton.
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The spirit of the installation privileges the distancing effect and the disorientation of the spectator, setting in a second place the technical quality of the projections, that results deliberately spurious because of the filters and of the overlaps and elaborations of the images.
On the left, filtered through a black BGO - Gobelin backdrop, a screen for rear-projections RAR - Arizona proposes three overlapped shots of the same subject: one in real time, the second with a delay of three seconds, the third one with a delay of seven seconds.On the right, instead, a screen for rear-projections RNB - Nebbia, filtered through a backdrop made of white BGO - Gobelin, shows two overlapped shots coming from two different points of view.
The project with which Daniele Paolin developed scenographically the concept of the installation.The public entered freely in the central area, whose space was shot without interruptions by four videocameras.The video signals, variedly elaborated, were transmitted to three screens - two for rear-projections and a LED one - that proposed in real time or delayed the performances of a dancer and/or what spontaneously happened among the visitors.On the right, a big ZSM - Magic Mirror reflected the whole area creating a further redundance of images and points of view.
The reflection of the space of the installation was created using a ZSM - Magic Mirror backdrop 6 m high and 4,5 m wide.The transparency of the backdrop was used for making to appear, in fading on the reflected images, the shots of a videocamera that were electronically elaborated with a motion capture software, thanks to which the video disappeared in a condition of quiet, and appeared when the scene became animated.The perimeter is finished with WCS - S Strap + WOC - C Eyelets + WPE - Perofix.The frame is made of 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm.
The video images appeared on the surface of the ZSM - Magic Mirror coming from a big LED screen set on its back.
The fading of the reflected image in those electronically elaborated.
The fading of the reflected image in those electronically elaborated. «Contrarily of what predominantly happened in the past, today the form of the art develops and assumes its final dimension in a space and in an ''inhabited'' time. The new technologies seem to propose complex relational systems, that can be seized only in their spatial and temporal development by a crowd of consumers that have conscience of the dynamics proper of the existence, and that, rather, almost expressly ask for them, in order to be able, perhaps to reflect themselves.»Ezio Cuoghi
Open rehearsal installation realized by Limeart.
Daniele Paolin
Technological project
Daniele Suffritti
Interfaces developement
Luca Orlandi
Informatic search
Riccardo Gherardi
Marco Giommoni
Technical direction
Carlo Ansaloni
Ezio Cuoghi (1957-2015)

Video & Documentation

Limeart, ''R#5: Time+Air Dance'': Magic Mirror

Materials used in this production

7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm

Aluminium trusses

BGO - Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

RAR - Arizona

Rear-projection films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

RNB - Nebbia

Rear-projection films

TMP - Perotapis

Textile floors

ZSM - Mirrors made of QSM - Magic Mirror Film

Projection / transparency backdrops

Information on data processing