TST - Silviastar

Mirror floor

The silver colour.The TST - Silviastar is sold in rolls and it is placed and cut as a normal vinyl dance floor.
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TST - Silviastar1. mirroring anti-sinking and anti-slipping film2. reflecting layer3. elastic supporting layer4. external protecting layer
The silver colour.The TST - Silviastar is sold in rolls and it is placed and cut as a normal vinyl dance floor.
TST - Silviastar Theater Plauen-Zwickau, ''Die kleine Meerjungfrau''
The image puts in comparison the different reflecting characteristics of the TST - Silviastar, on the left, and of the TSG - Supersilvia Star Goffrato floor (out of production at the moment), on the right.
The surface of the TST - Silviastar with which the floor of the stalls was covered was treated to reduce its mirroring effect.The reflections of the lights, in fact, could have been annoying for the public that surrounded the perimeter of the schenographic space observing it from above. Teatro Donizetti, ''L'ange de Nisida''
Draperies manufactured with ASC - Sceno260, natural colour, and the TST - Silviastar, silver color. Teatro La Fenice, ''Death in Venice''
On the left, panels covered with strips of silver TST - Silviastar and, on the right, with strips of silver TSG - Supersilvia Star Goffrato. Bambop+Nr!K Studio, Habitación en Paris
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class Bfl s1
PVC + polyester film
1,40 kg/m²
1,2 mm
140 cm
25 m
Packing method
Available colours
see color chart
Custom colours
on request and for minimum quantities available in gold colour

Rating 3.5
Rating 3.5

Attention: the use of adhesive tape on the mirroring surface should be avoided because it could cause the separation of the polyester mirroring film.
in full rolls only

Colour chart

TST - Silviastar01. silverA. mirror sideB. black side

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