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In the Swag curtain (also said Italian curtain, the curtain is fixed at the top.The two halves open with a cable device placed on the back which raises their central edges from the bottom towards the high corners of the proscenium arch.The opening mechanism ...
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... is schematized here in the way it was done in 18th and 19th century theater buildings, where the Flyloft and the attic were often a single room in which the roof trusses were visible and were used by the stagecraft (e.g. in the Teatro Rossini of Lugo di Romagna).In these cases, in the Italian theaters they were called ''tiri in botte'' (''in botte'' fly facilities), as that of this sketch ...
... were fixed in series to the wooden roof trusses.The modern stagecraft has subsequently privileged the fragmentation of the fly facilities, also for safety reasons, and the ancient ''tiri in botte'' have been maintained in the conservative restaurations of historic theatres only.
Teatro Rossini A Swag curtain made of FOT - Otello velvet with motorized opening.The Swag opening mechanism is compatible with other types of opening, the Teatro Rossini curtain is in fact equipped with a Laser type Track system ...
... for Traveler opening.ź... the swag opening is the tradition in Italian opera theatre (how many have repented because of having abandoned this wonderful opening).Simultaneously it is possible also to open the curtain with a traveller, much more suited to prose performances.╗Koki Fregni, in The Rossini of Lugo - About the restauration of a famous theatre, 1986.
Fashion show ''Moschino'' A small Swag curtain made of FMB - Macbeth 400 velvet with a concentric fullness valance.
Compagnia Finzi Pasca, ''La veritÓ'' Swag curtain made of silver HLU - Lucilla with wings and valance made of the same fabric.
Teatro alla Scala, ''The Barber of Seville'' Swag curtain made of pink HSV - Trevi satin.The ropes and rings typical of the Swag opening ...
The Swag curtain has an opening movement which, depending on the size of the curtain and on the materials, can create a majestic and solemn impression or a lighter and more playful one.
It is normally made of two tails with a central opening and with vertical fullness.
Each tail is equipped on its back with a series of guide rings in which the cable of a manual or motorized fly facility can slide.
The cable is used to lift the fabric from the center towards the two upper corners of the proscenium.
Its making is identical to that of the Fly and swag curtain, with respect to which it uses a simpler mechanical system because its curtain is fixed at the top, while in the Fly and swag opening the curtain is also raised.
The Swag opening is also suitable for stages with reduced height and side spaces.
It is compatible with the Traveler opening system, with which it is frequently combined.
- with Truss
- straight
- shaped
- double tail and central surmount
- single tail for lateral opening

Manual operation
- Manual fly facilities (light curtains only)
- Counterbalanced fly facilities
Motorized operation
- 2MT - Pilewind hoists for motorized fly facilities
- Motorized fly facilities for flyloft

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Gigantic swag curtain, opening test

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Compagnia Finzi Pasca, ''La veritÓ''

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Winter Olympics Turin 2006, curtain


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