ZFG - Backdrops made of QGH - Ghiaccio


Teatro Regio di Parma, ''Marin Faliero'' Ghiaccio transparent backdrop, width 13 m, height 8 m.And here ...
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... the Ghiaccio transparent backdrop during the show.The inclination of the Ghiaccio transparent backdrop ...
... allowed the public to have a vision of the scene reflected by the top.
SIB 2006, ''Scenographical exhibition'' The Ghiaccio transparent backdrop of Teatro Regio di Parma, ''Marin Faliero'' showed at a scenographical exhibition.The predominantly frontal illumination puts in prominence the reflecting properties of the material ...
... while here the Ghiaccio transparent backdrop is in a rear-illuminated and, because of this, full transparency situation.
Theater an der Wien, ''Radamisto'' The stage is surrounded by three walls for projections, on the back and on the sides.The picture shows the combination of frontal projections on a surface made of black BOP - Opera tulle and of lighting effects coming from the space between the Ghiaccio transparent backdrops and the black walls installed in succession behind the tulle.The BOP - Opera has both the assignment to serve as a support for the projections and that to filter the brightness of the Ghiaccio transparent backdrops ...
... which was also used to create an air chamber in which it is introduced some smoke that is then illuminated both with light coming from inside and from outside, depending on the demands of the scene.
Teatro Lirico of Cagliari, ''A Village Romeo and Juliet'' Ghiaccio transparent backdrop con efecto estriado realizado por Rinaldo Rinaldi, que lo ha pintado con una pintura acrilica adecuada.
The Ghiaccio transparent backdrops can alternate a good transparency to a fairly reflecting effect (nevertheless smaller than that of ZSM - Magic Mirror backdrops) depending on the different intensity of illumination on the two sides.

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Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Tenebrae''

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SIB 2006, ''Scenographical exhibition''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Tenebrae''

Lyric opera

Teatro dell'Opera, ''Nabucco''

Lyric opera

Teatro dell'Opera, ''Zaide''

Lyric opera

Teatro Lirico, ''A Village Romeo and Juliet''

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Teatro Regio di Parma, ''Marin Faliero''

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Teatro Regio di Parma, ''The Corsair''

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Teatro Regio di Torino, ''The Consul''

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Theater an der Wien, ''Radamisto''

Lyric opera

Thť‚tre de la Ville, ''Mary Said What She Said''

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