QLA - Laccato

Glossy lacquered film

QLA - Laccato ∙ 114. light blue The film has a glossy face and a matte face.The rolls consist of two coupled sheets with face to face rolling.The opaque face (left) is the one visible on the outside of the roll.The glossy faces (right) appear separating the two coupled sheets.
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QLA - Laccato 104. powder blue156. blue160. electric blue462. red466. red
Teatro alla Scala, ''Il castello del duca Barbabl¨'' On the left, some Rear-illuminated backdrops realized with the film QLA - Laccato with red, orange, yellow, green colours.A RNO - Notturno Rear-illuminated backdrop makes a background for the gigantic hand.
Vanity Flare Installation realized with No. 11 small reflective panels, 150 x 150, cm covered with white QLA - Laccato film.
Exhibition stand QLA - Laccato 001. white used for covering some seats.
[IMPERTINENCE] Showcase Reflective platform covered with black QLA - Laccato film.
The wall of a booth covered with QLA - Laccato 999. black, with capitonnÚ covering.
The couch is covered with QLA - Laccato 462. red, the pillow with QLA - Laccato 303. white.
QLA - Laccato is a decorative vinyl film available in a remarkable range of colours.
It has a very glossy face and a matte back, the glossy faces are rolled up face to face to preserve their appearance and they can be separated easily at the time of use.
Film strips can be joined with Welding without superposition.
Light colours can be backlit.
The slight elasticity facilitates its taut installation, which enhances its glossy appearance and, in the black colour, it helps to produce a remarkable mirror effect.
It is mainly used for glossy and reflective decorative coverings.
In appropriate light conditions, white reverberates the light in an evident way and, made up in large backdrops, it is used as a reflective surface to backlight backdrops made of other materials with bounce light, when theatrical lighting designers have the need not to backlight them directly.
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
UNI 9177 class 1
DIN 4102 class B1
100% PVC
240 g/m▓
0,18 mm
130 cm
30 m (15+15 m)
Packing method
two strips laminated together (glossy face to glossy face) and rolled-up
see colour chart
Custom colours
not available

Rating 1.5 allows to extend it during the installation
Front projection
Rating 2.0 used for effects of reflection of the light
Rating 2.5 used for effects of rear-illumination
Non disponibile
Rating 5.0 Welding without superposition (width 130 cm only)

in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

QLA - Laccato 001. white309. grey-beige315. dark grey317. light grey319. grey333. anthracite grey999. black
QLA - Laccato 100. Columbia blue104. powder blue108. denim blue * (60 m)114. light blue120. Dodger blue156. blue of France632. turquoise * (82 m)* availability limited to the indicated quantity
QLA - Laccato 160. electric blue180. blue184. navy blue225. pale lilac * (30)229. lilac* availability limited to the indicated quantity
QLA - Laccato 231. violet233. dark violet * (58 m)235. bordeaux * (235 m)402. pink444. dark pink478. dark bordeaux * (117 m)* disponibilitÓ limitata alla quantitÓ indicata
QLA - Laccato 307. beige501. cream511. dark beige519. light hazel* availability limited to the indicated quantity
QLA - Laccato 713. yellow721. yellow lemon732. ochre * (30 m)733. gold yellow743. light brown * (18 m)* availability limited to the indicated quantity
QLA - Laccato 420. dark orange462. red466. cardinal red476. dark amaranth739. orange753. rust * (80 m)* availability limited to the indicated quantity
QLA - Laccato 490. very dark brown* (90 m)547. light brown571. seal brown * (59 m)577. dark brown751. brick red * (118 m)* availability limited to the indicated quantity
QLA - Laccato 614. grey-green628. light turquoise644. light green652. bright green666. bright green674. bottle green682. dark bottle green

Video & Documentation

Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Messina, ''Bellini Black Comedy'', Costumes

This material was used for...

''New View''


''Vanity Flare''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Black Laccato wall

Commercial premises

Exhibition stand

Commercial premises

Franco Mazzucchelli, ''BD''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Franco Mazzucchelli, ''The inflatables''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Set of an advertising spot - 1

Cinema, TV, Ads

Teatro alla Scala, ''Bluebeard's Castle''

Lyric opera

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, ''Mass''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, ''Bellini Black Comedy''

Prose theatre


Commercial premises

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