Wagner curtains

custom systems

In the Wagner curtain, the curtain is fixed at its top; the two halves, overlapped in the center, are opened by two ropes that drag and lift a central point of the tails towards the upper corners of the proscenium arch.
Exemple of opening mechanism for Wagner curtain with the cable of operation under the stage.
There are different variants of the Wagner curtain, all derived from the original of Bayreuth Festspielhaus.
The making of the Wagner curtain is similar to those of the Swag curtain, the Fly and swag curtain and the Traveller curtain, being made up of two parts with a central opening and with a vertical fullness.
It is considered a variant of the Fly and swag curtain, combining a lifting movement of the curtain with one of opening the tails with two ropes.
Some variants do not have a lifting system and use two cables with guide-rings sewn along the lower edge of each of the two tails, in these variants the curtain does not completely reveal the proscenium.
- with Truss
- without Truss
- with normal cables
- with cable under the stage
- straight

Manual operation
- Manual fly facilities (light curtains only)
- Counterbalanced fly facilities
Motorized operation
- 2MT - Pilewind hoists for motorized fly facilities
- Motorized fly facilities for flyloft
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