1MB - Mini Trackprofile in matt black anodized aluminium600 cm bars
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1MC - Sliding carrier with 2 wheels + Hangerr- capacity: 2 kg - made of special plastic + metal hanger 1MCG - Hanger for sliding carrier metal 1MM - Dragging carrier with 4 wheels- capacity: 4 kg - wheels made of special plastic- frame made of black enameled iron
1MAG - Connection for joints - made of anodized aluminum 1ZJP - Joint pin(10 pieces packs) - made of steel 1MS - End stop - made of black anodized aluminum
1MB - Mini Track - Examples of fixing1 - Fixing to ''L'' plates with screws and bolts2 - Fixing to ceiling with wall plugs3 - Fixing to 8LCA - Wooden poles with screws for wood 1MC - Sliding carrier with 2 wheels + 1MCG - Hanger for sliding carrier
1MB - Mini Track - Exemple of fixing8C50-Collarea2foriKompas1KAS - Connection for suspension
1MB - Mini Track - Exemple of fixing1ZT-TrikTrakAttaccoRapidoUniversaleNot included, to be specified in case of order:- No. 1 Allen screw M8 40 mm- No. 1 nut M8- No. 2 washers ō 8-24 mm- No. 1 1KAS - Connection for suspension
The minimum curve radius for 1M - Mini rail system is 30 cm.
Example of use of 1M - Mini track systems for the hall draperies of a small theatre. Teatro Comunale of Castello d'Argile
1M Mini is a modular track system for:
- light-weight Wipe and Traveller curtains
- light scenographies and draperies

extruded aluminium profile
black anodized
340 g/m
max bar length
600 cm
max span
100 cm
min curve radius
30 cm

Track Load Capacity
over 100 cm span
Centre Point Load: 20 kg
Uniformly Distributed Load: 30 kg

Carrier Load Capacity
1MM - Master Carrier: 4 kg
1MC - 2Wheel Runner: 2 kg

Motion control
- walk-along track
- corded track

Fixing options
- ceiling mounting (pre-drilled track)
- wall mounting
- flying bar system

Key features
- quick and easy assembly
- light and extreme handiness
- low clearance profile
- particularly well suited for direct ceiling mounting
- not suitable for motorized drive system

Main configurations
1. Traveller curtain - single track (no overlap)
2. Traveller curtain - double track with centre offset overlap
3. Wipe curtain

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