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Mini - Curtain rail system 1MB - Mini Track profile in matt black anodized aluminium600 cm bars1MBP - Mini pre-drilled rail with holes for fixing with screws
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1MBP - Mini pre-drilled rail Fixing examples1 - Fixing to ''L'' plates with screws and bolts2 - Fixing to ceiling with wall plugs3 - Fixing to Cantinelle with screws for wood
1MB - Mini Track Fixing with 8C50 - Clamp ō 50 mm + M8 nut1KAS - Connection for suspension
1MB - Mini Track - Fixing exemple Fixing with 1T34 - Hook ClampNot included, to be specified in case of order:- No. 1 Allen screw M8 40 mm- No. 1 nut M8- No. 2 washers ō 8-24 mm- No. 1 1KAS - Connection for suspension
1MM - Dragging carrier with 4 wheels - capacity: 4 kg- wheels made of special plastic- frame made of black enameled iron
1MC - 2 wheels carrier - capacity: 2 kg- made of special plastic + metal hanger1MCG - G Hook - made of black burnished steel1MB - Mini Track
1MCX - X Hook 1MB - Mini Track1MC - 2 wheels carrierWRI - Ruflette 6,5 cmA - Rear side / B - Front side
1MAG - Connection for joints - made of anodized aluminum1ZJP - Joint pin (10 pieces packs) - made of steel1MS - End stop - made of black anodized aluminum
Mini is a modular track system for:
- small Traveller curtains and scenography veils
- light hall theater curtains
- for simple and limited needs
Key features
- simple and fast assembly
- noiseless
- very low clearance profile
- economy
- reliability

- extruded aluminium profile
- black anodized finishing
- 340 g / m weight
- 600 cm max bar length
- 200 cm max span
- 30 cm min curve radius
The table shows the maximum loads applicable to the rail only.
It is essential to consider the load capacity of each component of the system.
The load limit of the system is determined by the weakest component.
- spedial plastic wheels
- 1MM - Master Carrier: metal chassis
- 1MC - 2 Wheel Carrier: wholly plastic made
Carriers Load Capacity
- 1MM - Master Carrier: 4 kg
- 1MC - 2 Wheel Carrier: 2 kg

Fixing options
- ceiling mounting (with 1MBP - Pre-drilled rail)
- wall mounting
- flying bar system (ō 5 cm tube)

Main configurations
- S. Single rail central opening (without superposition)
- D. Double rail central opening
- L. Wipe side opening
Motion control
for S. / D. / L. configurations
- H Hand pulled uncorded walk-along*

* straight and curved rails

This material was used for...

Sala San Luigi

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Teatro Comunale of Castello d'Argile

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Teatro San Costanzo

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

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