QMS - Mosaikle

Mosaic mirror

QMS - Mosaikle 01. silver02. gold
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QMS - Mosaikle The mirroring surface of the mosaic allows to get spectacular effects of reflection of the light.
QMS - Mosaikle The plates are square and their side measures 98 cm.
The sticker on the back facilitates the application of the QMS - Mosaikle.
The transparent film protects the mirror surface of the QMS - Mosaikle.
Louis Vuitton, ''Christmas 2018'' QMS - Mosaikle silver and gold.
QMS - Mosaikle silver and gold ...
... with 1. white-silver TGL - Glittery floor.
QMS - Mosaikle is a mirroring panel of QSF - Miroflex cut into 5 x 5 mm tesserae and then transformed into a mosaic with excellent mirroring properties.
It is similar to QMT-Megaikle whose tiles are, however, larger: 30 x 30 mm.
The sheets are self-adhesive and they can be easily applied to other surfaces, the adhesive also adheres well to wood and masonry.
The fragmentation in tesserae gives the panels considerable flexibility, allowing them to accommodate convex surfaces, such as that of a column.
QMS - Mosaikle can be used to cover objects or panels and for borders and decorations of various types.
Flame reaction
NFR - not flame retardant
polystyrene base
metallized polyester surface
1,20 kg/m²
1,2 mm
Panel size
98 x 98 cm (dimensional tolerance -1‰ / +3‰)
5 x 5 mm tiles
Packing method
self-adhesive sheet with protective film
Available colours
silver, gold
Custom colours
not available

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QMS - Mosaikle 01. silver02. gold

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Louis Vuitton, ''Christmas 2018''


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