Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici''

World Tour 2010

The scenography of the tour, shown here during its set-up, realistically reproduces a container terminal.The stage is built with about twenty practicable fake containers, whose upper side is covered by TCA - Capriccio digital printing floor.The print simulates the corrugated sheet ...
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... which is reproduced with grey tones and traces of rust.In front of a dark background, made with a big backdrop made of black ASC - Sceno muslin, other 8 fake containers are stacked and they have a semi-transparent wall made of framed BSU - Super Gobelin tulle ...
... through which the public will be able to see their interior, where the lighting tests are now underway.Stacked containers are movable, they can slide and rotate on their axis ...
... showing their other 3 walls to the public, more opaque to the light because they are made of framed ASC - Sceno digital printing muslin.Like the floor, the print on the muslin simulates the corrugated sheet of the containers and uses shades of grey ...
... in order to reflect the colours of the lights and projections without chromatic interference.The sliding of each of the two stacks of containers towards the sides of the stage ...
... simulates the opening movement of a Traveller curtain.The unconventional curtain ...
... opens on a large backdrop made of HSE - Tempesta silk that actually ...
... is a Kabuki curtain 12 m wide and 10 m high.The photo was taken at the moment of the beginning of the curtain fall which ...

Eros Ramazzotti

Trident Management
in collaboration with Live Nation Italia

Executive production
(Giorgio Ioan, Fabio Carmassi, Stefano Copelli)

Guillaume Lord
assisted by Olivier Landreville

Set construction

Light design
Barry Halpin

Materials used in this production

9SK - Kabuki with manual tilter

Systems for curtains

ASC - Sceno

Muslin and canvas

ASC - Sceno digital printing

Printing on fabrics

BSU - Super Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

Kabuki curtains

Typology of curtain

TCA - Capriccio digital printing

Information on data processing