Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici''

World Tour 2010

The move of the containers toward the sides of the stage simulates the movement of a Traveller curtain.
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The unusual curtain opens on a big backdrop manufactured with HSE - Tempesta.
The backdrop made of HSE - Tempesta is actually a Kabuki curtain 10 m high and 12 m wide.The photo was shot during the beginning of the fall of the curtain with 9SL - System for kabuki with motorized tilter.
The Kabuki curtain falls and leave appear the big LED screen that is behind it.
The background of the stage is occupied from eight false containers covered by backdrops with Digital printing realized on fabric ASC1000S - Sceno width 1.000 cm - Flame retardant Ultra Wide Ecoprint, behind which have been suspended some backdrops manufactured with black ASC - Sceno.
During the show, the images showed by the LED screen are coordinated with the projections on the containers.
The containers can flow and rotate on themselves.
Some of the containers have a side closed by backdrops made of black and grey BSU - Super Gobelin.

Eros Ramazzotti

Trident Management
in collaboration with Live Nation Italia

Executive production
(Giorgio Ioan, Fabio Carmassi, Stefano Copelli)

Guillaume Lord
assisted by Olivier Landreville

Set construction

Light design
Barry Halpin

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