Casino de la Vallée

Saint-Vincent (Italy)

The stage has a Traveller curtain made of bordeaux FOT - Otello velvet with a traveller realized with a Laser rail system.The Stage masking is made of COS - Oscurante molton.
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The hall of the shows is covered with a sound covering made of blue CGO - Gobbi fabric.
The draperies of the hall are made of FOT - Otello velvet.

The installation of the 20 m wide 5P - Policinale with projection screen made of PBO - Bianco Ottico.
Detail of one of the curves of the Laser rail system.
One of the various 2MS - Engine S of which the system of movement of stage is composed.
In the big hall of the shows of the Casino de la Vallée towers the gigantic 5P - Policinale screen with a 20 m width, that is also used for the projections of the Saint-Vincent’s Cinema Prize.
Year of execution

Materials used in this production

2MS - S engine

Engines for tracksystems

5P - Policinale

Motorized roll-up screens

Acoustic curtains

Acoustic curtains

CGO - Gobbi

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

Main curtains

Curtains for historical theaters

PBO - Bianco Ottico

Frontal projection films

Stage maskings

Acoustic curtains

Traveller curtains

Typology of curtain

Information on data processing