NTR - Tripolina String Curtain


NTR - Tripolina«... they are long thin threads, with a very soft drop, that reflect well the light of projections, a sort of semitransparent screen, as a tulle, which can be crossed by actors.»Ezio Antonelli, scenic and visual designer of Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro'' from an interview released to Sound&Lite, n. 68.
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NTR - TripolinaThe colour white.The yarn is extremely soft in order to get a perfect vertical drop of the threads.
NTR - Tripolinablack
NTR - Tripolinadark grey colour
Detail of the top edge with WRI - Strap for hooks of a module of NTR - Tripolina, white colour.To make faster the operations of installation the edge can be endowed with WVE - Velcro.
NTR - TripolinaExamples of top finishings1 - WRI - Strap for hooks2 - WVE - Velcro
Lighting tests on two backdrops made of NTR - Tripolina, white colour.
The way of interacting with the light and the projections of the NTR - Tripolina backdrops, if the original striped effect is skipped, it is entirely similar to that of the Tulle backdrops.The illumination of the subjects that stand behind the backdrops cause their vision in transparency through two or more backdrops.
100% trevira
flame retardant European standard EN 13501·1
275 g/m²
Width per module
210 сm
thanks to the modules the width of Thread curtains Tripolina doesn't have a limit
the modules can be:
- placed side by side without showing the joints
- reused to compose backdrops with different widths
Height of the threads
250, 270, 320, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 950, 1.000, 1.050, 1.100, 1.150, 1.200 cm (on demand up to 2.500 cm or custom)
dry washing recommended

Top finishing at choice
Ways of installation
- stretched installation (Making flat)
- intallation with fullness (Making with vertical fullness)
- installation with more overlapped layers

- wall / transparence effect
- original slightly striped aspect of the backdrops
- the actors can cross the threads
Transparency against light
Rating 4.5
Wall effect with frontal lighting
Rating 4.5
Frontal projection
Rating 5.0 - white / Rating 3.5 - grey / Rating 2.0 - black
Rating 4.0 - white / Rating 2.5 - grey / Rating 1.0 - black

Available in
number of modules
custom realizations (backdrops Tripolina)

Colors & Specifications

NTR - TripolinaBI. bianco1. beige7. light grey8. dark grey11. Naples golden yellow
NTR - Tripolina10. noisette golden12. flax yellow golden9. green5. red6. blueNE. black


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