NTR - Tripolina

String curtain

NTR - Tripolina 01. whiteThe yarn is extremely soft in order to get a perfect vertical drop of the threads.
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NTR - Tripolina 99. black
NTR - Tripolina 07. light grey«... they are long thin threads, with a very soft drop, that reflect well the light of projections, a sort of semitransparent screen, as a tulle, which can be crossed by actors.»Ezio Antonelli, scenic and visual designer of Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro'' from an interview released to Sound&Lite, n. 68.
NTR - Tripolina 08. anthracite
NTR - Tripolina 07. light grey08. anthracite
Detail of the top edge with WRI - Ruflette of a module of NTR - Tripolina, white colour.To make faster the operations of installation the edge can be endowed with WVE - Velcro.
NTR - Tripolina Examples of top finishings1 - WRI - Ruflette2 - WVE - Velcro
Lighting tests on two backdrops made of NTR - Tripolina 01. white.The way of interacting with the light and the projections of the NTR - Tripolina backdrops ...
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
UNI 9177 class 1
100% polyester
300 g/m²
210 cm modules
from 2.5 to 6,5 m in increments of 0.5 m
from 7.0 to 10 m in increments of 1 m
on request up to 25 m height
Top finishing
WVE - Velcro loop 30 mm (velcro hook not included)
on request WLA - Ties or WRI - Ruflette
Available colours
colour chart
Custom colours
not available

against light
Rating 4.5
Wall effect
with frontal lighting
Rating 4.5
Frontal projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 3.5 grey
Rating 2.0 black
Rating 4.0 white
Rating 2.5 grey
Rating 1.0 black

in standard-size modules
in tailor made creations ( Tripolina string curtains )

Colour chart

NTR - Tripolina 01. white02. beige07. light grey08. anthracite99. black
NTR - Tripolina 05. red06. blue09. green

Video & Documentation

Chain curtain: test

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

This material was used for...

Booth Nanis Jewels

Commercial premises

Claudio Baglioni, ''Q.P.G.A.''


Convention of a car firm, presentation


Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, ''Swan Lake''


Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Lyric opera

Sagunt a Escena, ''Bailando con Carmen''


Stage for events


Teatro Carlo Felice, ''Pagliacci''

Lyric opera

Tripolina string curtains

Projection / transparency backdrops

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