Teatro alla Scala


The anterior part is covered with FOT - Otello velvet bordeaux, the back it is lined with ARI - Reps Ignitex fabric.
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The layers of a Sound barrier curtain.The weight per m≤ without the finishes of the perimeter (WCP - PLP Strap, WOC - C Eyelets, WLA - Ties, etc.) is of around 3,10 kg.
The survey of the attenuation of the noises effected on the Sound barrier curtain of the Teatro Alla Scala, that contains in its inside three sound cloth layers and three layers of film made of PVC welded without interruptions with high frequency.
The Sound barrier curtain of the Teatro alla Scala, used when the orchestral rehearsals have to be performed unmolested during the noisy preparations of the scenographies, measure 17 m of width, it is 12 m high and weighs around 900 kg.

Materials used in this production

ARI - Reps Ignitex

Muslin and canvas

FOT - Otello


Sound barrier curtains

Acoustic curtains

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