Teatro Comunale di Casalmaggiore

Casalmaggiore (Italy)

The Swag curtain of the Teatro Comunale di Casalmaggiore, manufactured with red FOT - Otello, is operated by a motorized system with adjustment of the speed.
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A view of the lower part of the Flyloft endowed with counterbalanced Manual fly facilities and Motorized fly facilities for flyloft.
The valance and the ceiling of the proscenium.
The Swag curtain shows the historical curtain.
The curtain made of FOT - Otello.
The stage and the boxes in a view from the top.
The covering of the 180 boxes and of the seats has been made of red DPI - Piermarini fabric on the occasion of the 1989 restauration.
The covering of the boxes made of red DPI - Piermarini.
Theatre ''all'italiana'' with a horseshoe-shaped hall with three tiers of boxes and a gallery, 368 seats.
The sober neoclassic decorations and the admirable proportions make it one of the most beautiful historical theaters of northern Italy.
Andrea Mones
Giuseppe Piermarini (consultation)

Toward the mid of '800
realization of the proscenium stages and other interventions

restoration and functional adaptation
Architectural design
Luciano Roncai
Project of the scenographical works
Gianni Crevacore
Structural engineers
Giulio Donzelli
Cesare Paroli

Materials used in this production

1. Flyloft system

Rigging and stage systems

3. Manual fly facilities

Rigging and stage systems

DPI - Piermarini


FOT - Otello


Main curtains

Curtains for historical theaters

NAG - Agremano


NBT - Bordo traforato


NFR - Fringes


Stage maskings

Acoustic curtains

Swag curtains

Typology of curtain