Teatro Carlo Felice, ''Werther''


At the end of the ouverture, a big backdrop made of BGO - Gobelin tulle is lifted while the characters that enter scene drag from the back of the wings two low hedges, painted on ASC1000S - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin.The background of the scene is rear-illuminated with a cyclorama made of RTE - Temporale.
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A backdrop lowers on the scene in front of a Rear-illuminated cyclorama realized with the film RTE - Temporale.The backdrop is a work by Paolino Libralato ...
... that uses the technique of application of a painted part made of ASC1000S - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin, that on which the foliage of the trees and of the bushes is represented, on a cloudy sky made of BGO - Gobelin tulle.
The backdrop with a different illumination in another instant of the scene. Unforgettable the effect of the scenography in theater (and, as it almost always happens, not reproducible in a picture), that surprises for the simplicity of the realization: a backdrop, two low ground rows (the hedges), some chairs and two side walls, in which the two doors represent the entrance and the exit of life (G. Miglioranzi, ibidem, pag. 134).
Change of scene.Another backdrop, realized with an outline made of painted ASC1000S - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin, that represents in this case a big tree, sewed on a background of BGO - Gobelin tulle with a painted sky.A RTE - Temporale Rear-illuminated cyclorama lightens the whole scene.
The clouds are painted on the backdrop made of BGO - Gobelin tulle and they are made to appear with the illumination.
«On the background, a more times repeated passage of white masks, that, beginning as elements of a rural party, reveal their ambiguous nature of Christmas ghosts.» G. Miglioranzi, ibidem, pag. 134.
A backdrop with an architectural subject in a scene that represents very well the minimalist brightness typical of the last ten years of Verona's scenographer and director Beni Montresor. The backdrop is constituted of a part made of ASC1000S - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin (the cathedral), applied on a painted sky made of tulle BGO - Gobelin, to which a Rear-illuminated cyclorama made of RTE - Temporale conferred effects of brightness and depth with a rare beauty.
Drame lyrique in four acts
Jules Massenet (1842-1912)
First night
Vienna, Hofoper, 16/2/1892

costume design,
light design,
stage direction
Pictorial realizations
Paolino Libralato
Technical direction
Gian Franco Padovani


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Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa: ''Werther'' by Beni Montresor

Paolino Libralato at work 1

Paolino Libralato at work 2

Materials used in this production

Beni Montresor

Some Masters

BGO - Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

Rear-illuminated backdrops

Vinyl backdrops: typologies

RTE - Temporale

Rear-projection films