2009 World Aquatics Championships


The main scenographical element of the event created by Studio Festi was been a huge Frontal projection screen realized with the mesh PLU - Luce.The screen was 12,5 m high and had a total development of 106 m, calculating the indentations created behind 8 of the 60 gigantic statues of athletes set on the external perimeter of the terraces of the Stadio dei Marmi of Rome.
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The total projection surface of the screen was around 1.300 m².
The projections on the gigantic screen had been accompanied by the live interventions by Giovanni Allevi, thanks to which « ... it takes shape the story of the deepest mystery of the water: the symphony of the oceans, their primitive sounds, the water as element of the birth.»Studio Festi, from the document of presentation of the Opening ceremony.
«In the furrow of the great performances of the Cirque du Soleil and of Franco Dragone, the dramaturgy of Monica Maimone, written on an idea by Francesco Saverio Morese, it develops without solution of continuity an only concept beginning from the reflection on the swimming and on the water, on the movement of the swimmer and on the symbolic meaning of the liquid element.»Studio Festi, from the document of presentation of the Opening Ceremony.
One of the performances of the ballerinas of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza of Rome.The choreography used 20 framed plates of QSR - Miroplan and a series of empty frames that simulated other mirrors to create some spectacular optic illusions.
«The show declines therefore different forms of dance: in flight, on stage, with prosthesis, masquerade, of cuerpos pintados, to show and to demonstrate the beauty of the movement, the transformation in grace and harmony of the power of the athletic gesture that will take the upper hand for the following day.»Studio Festi, from the document of presentation of the Opening Ceremony.
Actors' flight, balls and other spectacular objects of scene it is by now a waited characteristic of the events created by Studio Festi.
Ceremony of opening
Rome, Stadio dei Marmi, 18/07/2009

Roberto Rebaudengo
Fabrizio Plessi
Matthias Schnabel
Chiara Indelicato
Light design
Titta Buongiorno
on the ground
Cinzia Cona
Tiziana Cona
Nikos Lagousakos
Corps de ballet
of the corps de ballet
Ismael Ivo
Wayne McGregor
Suspended choreographies
Cinzia Cona
Brigitte Morell
Valentina Ribaudo
Giovanni Allevi
Fabio Frizzi
Technical direction
Gilad Azikri
Daniele Cappelletti
Executive production

Video & Documentation

2009 World Aquatics Championships: screen Luce

2009 World Aquatics Championships: QSR - Rigid Mirror

Materials used in this production

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

PLU - Luce

Frontal projection meshes

QSR - Miroplan

Mirroring materials

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