QSM - Magic Mirror Film

Transparent mirror film

QSM - Magic Mirror Film in an intermediate light situation where it is neither completely transparent nor reflective.
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For proper use the QSM - Magic Mirror Film must be perfectly stretched, otherwise it produces slightly distorted reflections.
A small ZSM - Magic Mirror backdrop The obscuring of the area behind it underlines the reflecting effect of the backdrop.

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, ''Andrea Chénier'' Closed set built with a series of Flats that reproduce the large windows of a noble house.The window panes ...
... have been imitated with QSM - Magic Mirror Film sheets.
Order of the Architects of Rome Strips made of HLU - Lucilla iridescent fabric alternated to strips of mirroring / transparent QSM - Magic Mirror Film.
Flame reaction
NFR - not flame retardant
polyester + aluminum
290 g/m²
0,20 mm
152 cm
180 cm
22,90 m (width 152 cm)
30,48 m (width 180 cm)
Packing method
Available colours
semi-transparent silver
Custom colours
not available

Light reflection
Rating 5.0 with frontal light
Rating 4.5 against light

by the metre
in full rolls
in tailor made creations ZSM - Magic Mirror

Colour chart

QSM - Magic Mirror Film 01. silver / transparent

Video & Documentation

Limeart, ''R#5: Time+Air Dance'': Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror, lighting tests

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Tenebrae''

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Teatro Lirico Cagliari, ''Hans Heiling''

This material was used for...

''Museum of the end of the war''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Limeart, ''R#5: Time+Air Dance''


Order of the Architects of Rome

Commercial premises

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Lyric opera

Renato Zero, ''Amo Tour''


Teatro Lirico, ''Hans Heiling''

Lyric opera

Teatro Verdi di Padova, ''Aida''

Lyric opera

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