LCH - Chroma Stretch

Stretch fabric for chroma key

LCH - Chroma Stretch 02. chroma blue01. chroma green
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LCH - Chroma Stretch 02. chroma blue
LCH - Chroma Stretch 1 - side to be used for the chroma key shooting2 - back side
LCH - Chroma Stretch The slight elasticity of the fabric allows to realize backdrops with a uniform and stretched surface.
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Set of an advertising spot - 2 Television shootings ...
... in a studio endowed with a ciclorama ...
... realized with LCH - Chroma Stretch, blue colour.
LCH - Chroma Stretch is a four-way slightly stretch fabric, which is specific for the realization of chroma key backdrops and cycloramas.
The elasticity allows the fabric to be stretched, making the seams barely visible and not detectable by colour keying.
The front side has a surface treatment that makes it light-absorbing and therefore ideal for lighting the background without creating chromatic reflections on the filmed subjects.
Flame reaction
FR - flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
polyester, elastam
230 g / m²
150 cm
± 50 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart

± 10% in width
± 8% in length
(stretching in one direction reduces the elongation in the other)

by the metre
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

LCH - Chroma Stretch 01. chroma key green02. chroma key blue

This material was used for...

Set of an advertising spot - 2

Cinema, TV, Ads

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