Polyvalent Center of Brusaporto

Brusaporto (Italy)

The stage with a Traveller curtain, made of FBR - Bruxelles, colour red.
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The Traveller curtain and the Stage masking realized with COS - Oscurante, colour grey.
The 1K - Kompas rail system for Traveller curtain is fixed to a carrying structure made of 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm.
The carrying structure made of 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm and the 1K - Kompas rail system.
The counterbalanced system that regulates the opening of the curtain.
The structure realized with 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm is used to support the 1K - Kompas rail system and to fix the lights of de scene.
The detail shows the different parts made of FBR - Bruxelles that make up the curtain.
In the Centro Polivalente of Brusaporto, town of the province in Bergamo, was installed a modular stage with a portal 10 m wide that allows to use for theatrical diversions in a simple and rational way this public space.

Materials used in this production

1K - Kompas

Track systems

6S - Standard

Scissor legs platforms

7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm

Aluminium trusses

8 - Tubes and bars for scenography

Pipes and bars for scenography

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

FBR - Bruxelles


Traveller curtains

Typology of curtain