QGH - Ghiaccio digital printing


Teatro dell'Opera of Rome, ''Nabucco'' A Ghiaccio transparent backdrop made with Digital printing, width 15,8 m and height 11 m.The moon with the halo of light ...
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... is projected on a Rear-projection screen realized with the film RAR - Arizona which is installed behind the QGH - Ghiaccio backdrop.
Detail of the black monochrome hatching that had been printed on the Ghiaccio transparent backdrop.
Teatro Massimo Bellini, ''La Traviata'' One of the four QGH - Ghiaccio digital printing backdrops measuring 16 x h 10 m which overlap ...
... in this completely transparent scenography, allowing an infinite number of plays of light that make them stand out or disappear from time to time.Two other backdrops can be seen in this image ...
... and this is the fourth.The printing was done entirely with the White Inkray method.The white colour of the print, of course, took on the colour of the lighting.
Booth of a auto house Example of Digital printing ...
... realized on the film QGH - Ghiaccio.The transparency of the material ...
It is the digitally printed version of the QGH - Ghiaccio transparent film.
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
100% PVC
310 g / m≤
Printing method
- Inkray
- White Inkray
Printable width
130 cm
Usable width in tailoring
123 cm

minimum order 60 m≤

This material was used for...

Booth of a auto house

Commercial premises

Fashion show ''Mariella Burani''


Teatro dell'Opera, ''Nabucco''

Lyric opera

Teatro Massimo Bellini, ''La Traviata''

Lyric opera

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