Lorenzo Jovanotti, ''Ora''

Tour 2011

The stage direction and the executive production of the show chose to use some Frontal projection screens because they result less artificial and they strain less the vision in comparison to the LED screens. The central screen, 13,30 wide and 6,80 high, was realized with the film PBL - Blackout.
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Projections on one of the several screens realized with the black film PNE - Nerissimo used by the scenography of the concert.
The screens PNE - Nerissimo are 7 and they are used, over that for the projections, to realize the black background of the stage, around 50 m of width and 9 m of height.
Two of the screens PNE - Nerissimo have the possibility to flow above the screen PBL - Blackout as a Traveller curtain.
Projections of live videos on the screen PBL - Blackout.
Projections on the screen PBL - Blackout.
Projections on the screen PBL - Blackout.
Projections of live videos electronically processed on the screen PBL - Blackout.

Trident Management
Live Nation
Lemonandpepper (Giorgio Ioan, Fabio Carmassi, Stefano Copelli)
Scenotechnical construction
Light design
Andrew J. Pen
Audio and light installations
Video contributions
I Ragazzi della Prateria
Displays video
STS Communication
Giancarlo Sforza
Artistic coordination
Sergio Pappalettera

Video & Documentation

Lorenzo Jovanotti, tour ''Ora'': screens PNE-Nerissimo and PBL-Blackout

Materials used in this production

ASP - Spi

Muslin and canvas

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

PBL - Blackout

Frontal projection films

PNE - Nerissimo

Frontal projection films

Information on data processing