6G - Gigante

Modular platforms

6G - Gigante with TTMA - Board TT brown(watch the types of 6ZN - Board available)
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6ZG - Horizontal platform / platform connection6ZGC-CaccTo fix the platforms amongst them, the expansion connectors must be inserted in the side grooves (1). Their closing happens tightening a screw (2 and 3). To recover them it is enough to loosen the screw (4). The side grooves also serve for the fixing of the accessories:6ZS-ScalsComps6ZP-ParapsPed6ZD-CopsLatsPeds
6ZP - Safety parapets for platforms 6ZP∙100 - Parapet h 100 cm for platforms - 100 cm6ZP∙200 - Parapet h 100 cm for platforms - 200 cm iron tube ō 27 mm black enameled - with rounded outline6ZPG∙27 - Connection for 6ZP - Safety parapets for platforms

6ZS - Modular stairs 4 steps 6ZS∙4 - Modular stair for h 100 cm6ZPT - Safety parapets for stairs 6ZPT∙B - Parapet for 6ZS - Modular stair black enameled iron tube ō 27 mm - with rounded outline
6ZF - Stops for chairs6ZD-CopsLatsPeds- made of wood- made of fabric6ZC-CarrsTraspPeds
6G - Gigante - Spare parts 6ZN - Boards - thickness 25 mm6ZG-ConnOr6ZGC-Cacc5.006 - aluminium reinforcement profile at the floor5.013 - handle for Bowden cable5.015 - PVC floor pad5.050 - aluminum profile for board5.051 - aluminium leg5.052 - aluminium arm5.053 - aluminium reinforcement profile at the floor5.054 - ''X'' connecting rod5.055 - flowing guide5.057 - Bowden cable5.060 - spring5.065 - reinforcement bar for board5.084 - aluminum profile for board5.086 R - superior connection for right leg5.087 L - superior connection for left leg5.088 R - inferior connection for right leg5.089 L - inferior connection for left leg
The 6G - Gigante scissor legs platform is characterized by a 300 x 100 cm board.
Il can be raised up to 150 cm height.
It is available in two versions:
- 20 cm intervals adjustable height;
- 16.67 cm intervals adjustable height.
Thanks to its extreme robustness it is ideal for very intensive use (service, rentals).
The availability of each component guarantees the maintenance of perfect efficiency over time.
It has a complete set of accessories.
6G ..................... 6GG
Raise every
20 cm .............. 16,67 cm

Maximum height
150 cm
Height closed
15,5 cm
Board size
300 x 100 cm
110 kg
750 kg / m≤

aluminium frame with reinforcement frame to the base
Height control
handles for the immediate adjustment
at intervals of 20 cm (6G) / 16,67 cm (6GG)
Spare parts
availability of every spare part

watch the types of tops: 6ZN - Boards

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