8FV - Glass Fiber Rod


8FV - Glass Fiber Rod Ø 10 mm01. white8FVC - Connection for 8FV - Glass Fiber Rod made of aluminium
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Aterballetto, ''Don Quixote de la Mancha'' Sails made of natural ASC - Sceno muslin.They are stretched on frames made of Ø 10 mm 8FV - Glass Fiber Rods ...
... which structure is completed by horizontal segments.The sails are hung with a rigging system made of 4B - Tackle blocks and 3C - Hemp rope.

María Pagés, ''Utopia'' 8FV - Glass Fiber Rod Ø 10 mm.Fiberglass is hard and rather stiff, but at the same time it has a certain degree of flexibility ...
... that the set designer Eduardo Moreno has exploited to continuously change the shape of the rods during the show ...
... thanks to motorized cables.
8FV - Glass Fiber Rod is a flexible and resistant rod for scenography.
The segments can be joined with their special connections and they can be painted.
Flame reaction
it is incombustible thanks to its fiberglass composition
FR certification
self-certification concerning the composition in glass fiber only
glass fiber
300 cm
600 cm
. . . Ø . . / . Peso
10 mm / . 145 g / m
20 mm / . 580 g / m
Available colours
see colour chart

by the piece

Colour chart

8FV - Glass Fiber Rod01. white99. black (available only with a minimum order)

This material was used for...

Aterballetto, ''Don Quixote de la Mancha''


María Pagés, ''Utopia''


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