7QR30L - Towerlift


7QR30L - Towerlift
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7QR30L - Towerlift
Tableau vivant The plot of the flyloft has already been suspended to the special four towers of elevation 7QR30L - Towerlift, that allow to lift a maximum load of 500 kg each to a maximum height of 650 cm.
Elevation tower entirely made of aluminum.
Elevation system with manual winch, steel rope and friction with 900 kg load protected inside the structure.
To each of the four sides they can be connected
Endowed with
4 folding stabilizers
4 feet with independent adjustment for positioning also on tilted surfaces or irregular
top and sliding cart with 16 wheels made of high-density rubber

Maximum height
650 cm
Maximum load
500 kg
Height closed
168 cm
Length of the feet
126 cm
Size of the base
56 cm x 56 cm
Total weight
75 kg
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