WOS - S Eyelet

Plastic made, for vinyl creations

WOS - S Eyelets S - inside ě 15 mm- outside ě 37 mmThe WOS - S Eyelets are semi-transparent and ...
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... once welded to the WCV - Strap of the vinyl screens or backdrops, they take on a colour similar to that of the strap, that is white, grey or black.
WOS - Eyelet S and WCV - Strap V 6 cm.
WOS - Eyelet S is a very sturdy eyelet made of transparent plastic.
The Eyelets S are high frequency welded on the perimeter reinforcements made of WCV - Strap V of vinyl film artifacts (screens and backdrops) and serve as a fixing point.
They must be used with soft, non-cutting through-fastening devices, of robust construction but sufficiently yielding not to damage the plastic of the Eyelets S.
The fasteners can be of the elastic type (i.e. WPE - Perofix) or non-elastic type (i.e. WLA - Ties).
special plastic
Inside ě
15 mm
Outside ě
37 mm

as an accessory for tailor made creations
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