Concentric fullness


Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''Salome'' A curtain with concentric fullness made to be used with a Fly curtain.The curtain was made of FTA - Tancredi 500 velvet 470. dark red and had a 14 x h 10,5 m size.
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Compagnia Goliardica M. Baistrocchi Curtain and draperies with concentric fullness made of HLU - Lucilla 54. red.
Teatro San Carlo, ''Paganini'' Six large semi-transparent drapes made of white HSE - Tempesta silk with concentric fullness ...
... variously moved and illuminated with chromatic light were the most visually important element of this scenography.
Teatro Massimo A Main curtain manufactured with FOT - Otello velvet, bordeaux colour.The big drapes of the valance are made with concentric fullness.
Théâtre de la Ville, ''Mary Said What She Said'' The Traveller curtain made of FMB - Macbeth 400 velvet is made of 7 parts made up with a variable percentage vertical fullness and 3 parts with concentric fullness.
Compagnia Goliardica M. Baistrocchi Draped backdrop with concentric fullness ...
... manufactured with QGS - Glamé Star, silver colour.
The concentric fullness is a method for draping fabric artifacts with curvilinear pleats.
Their succession starts from a more or less wide arc of circumference whose radius is progressively reduced.
The concentric fullness is used above all for the making of valances of velvet main curtains with a solemn appearance, sometimes even pompous, or with an elegant look.
With lighter or brighter fabrics, one can make up borders of theatrical sets having a more lively look or simple decorative valances can be made up too.
Sometimes a single large drapery can assume the importance of a main curtain.

This material was used for...

Compagnia Goliardica M. Baistrocchi

Prose theatre

Fashion show ''Moschino''


Premios Goya 2011 / XXV

Cinema, TV, Ads

Teatro Comunale, ''Salome''

Lyric opera

Teatro della Pergola, ''The Father''

Prose theatre

Teatro Massimo

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro San Carlo, ''The Sleeping Beauty''


Théâtre de la Ville, ''Mary Said What She Said''

Prose theatre

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