Tubular making


Catedral de Palencia, ''Renacer'' Cylinder made of white BGO - Gobelin tulle with tubular making ...
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... diameter 4 m and height 12.5 m.
Exhibition stand A curtain formed by tubular manufactured with fabrics in red tonality of different weights and transparencies ...
... with tubular making.
Booth of a banking group Two of the big suspended backdrops with tubular making, illuminated by the inside with small points light disposed in cluster were realized with white ASL1000S - Light Sceno 1.000 cm sheer muslin of which it is in evidence the transparency.
Convention Two backdrops made with tubular making with white LWE - Windel, illuminated here with red light.
Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona The installation in the Cattedrale of Pamplona of a backdrop made of grey BGO - Gobelin tulle realized with tubular making, diameter 4 m and height 14,5 m.
Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro'' The central round string curtain made of white NTR - Tripolina ...
A backdrop made of fabric with flat making can be closed by means of a seam that joins its two sides obtaining a cylinder to hang or stretch.
It is a type of making used above all with tulle or with semi-transparent fabrics to be illuminated from within or projected.
Creations with other fabrics are also frequent, including elastic ones.

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Exhibitions, art, architecture


Exhibitions, art, architecture

Booth of a banking group

Commercial premises

Exhibition stand

Commercial premises

Grand Hotel

Public places

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Lyric opera

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