2MH - Winches H for motorized fly facilities


A series of 12 2MH - Winches H for motorized fly facilities for Motorized fly facilities for flyloft:- 500 kg maximum load- 5 cables- 19 m stroke- 0,15 m/s speed Doha Theatre
2MH - Winches H for motorized fly facilities with 5 cables - Schematic configuration H - it depends from - - lifting height- diameter of the cables (proportional to the load) A / L - they depend on - - number of the cables- lifting height- diameter of the cables (proportional to the load)
Series of electric whiches for punctual or multi-line Motorized fly facilities for flyloft for an installation of the winding drum exclusively in a horizontal position.

Essential, they have a good quality / price relationship thanks to the absence of a device for the translation of the winding cylinder and they have therefore to be fixed to the horizontal structures with a drop or a rise of at least 2 m in comparison to the pulleys for the lifting of the load - the minimum height increases with the increase of the lifting height and with the increase of the load.
The need of the minimum drop or rise can be minimized equipping the drum with a special horizontal translation device (optional).
- drum for the horizontal winding of the cables with helical ridges
- 2 independent safety brakes
- double limit switches of lifting and lowering
- safety rolls for the containment of the cables
- extremely reduced maintenance
- silent engine and brakes (<35 dB(A) to the first line of spectators)
- conformity to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Constructive variables
- number of cables as desired (one or more cables)
- power and size of the engine proportional to the load and the speed
- fixed or varying speed
- size of the winding drum proportional to the performances

- device for the horizontal translation of the winding drum along its own axle
- sensor of overload
- sensor of spillage of the cables from the ridges of the drum
- absolute encoder to avoid the blackout resets
- sensor of slack cable
- protective coverage for a further reduction of the noise
- elements of absorption of the vibrations to be installed between the chassis and the carrying structure for a further diminution of the noise

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