2MV - Winches V for motorized fly facilities


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2MV - Winches V for motorized fly facilities with 4 cables Schematic configuration of - - horizontal installation - vertical installation L - depends on - - number of the cables- lifting height- diameter of the cables (proportional to the load)

Series of 8 2MV - Winches V for motorized fly facilities, 7 of which with vertical installation and 1 with horizontal installation:- 500 kg maximum load- 5 cables- stroke 20 m- speed 0,2 m/s Doha Theatre
Series of 9 2MV - Winches V for motorized fly facilities with vertical installation:- 500 kg maximum load- 4 cables- stroke 18 m- speed 0,2 m/s
Series of electric winches for punctual or multi-line Motorized fly facilities for flyloft with both horizontal and vertical installation of the winding drum.

The winding drum is endowed with a translating device that moves along its axle and that constantly compensates the angle of exit of the cables from the drum carrying them to a unique head pulley.
- drum for the winding of the cables with helical ridges
- device of translation of the winding drum along its axle
- 2 independent safety brakes
- double limit switches of lifting and lowering
- extremely reduced maintenance
- silent motor and brakes (<35 dB(A) to the first line of spectators)
- elements of absorption of the vibrations between the chassis and the carrying structure for a further diminution of the noise
- conformity to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Constructive variables
- number of cables as desired (one or more cables)
- power and size of the engine proportional to the load and the speed
- fixed or varying speed
- size of the winding drum proportional to the performances

- sensor of overload
- sensor of spillage of the cables from the ridges of the drum
- absolute encoder to avoid the blackout resets
- sensor of slack cable
- protective coverage for a further reduction of the noise

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