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The perimeter of this hall, which measures approximately 60 m, is decorated with 17 curtains 3.70 m high made of ARI - Reps Ignitex, colour 122. smoke grey,The curtains, made with 100% vertical fullness, have the primary task of optimizing the acoustics. University of Malta - Aula Magna
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The Acoustic curtains are hung on a TRX10 track system arranged along the walls thanks to which they can be manually slid to free the entrances and windows as required. University of Malta - Aula Magna
Alternatively, the Acoustic curtains can be arranged to cover the entire perimeter of the hall. University of Malta - Aula Magna
Big mobile Acoustic curtains made of FOT - Otello with Austrian drapery were hanged to the structures of the ceiling with special mechanisms. Congress Centrum Suhl
The backdrops work as Acoustic curtains in the cases in which the spectators do not occupy the whole of the hall. Congress Centrum Suhl
When the spectators occupy the upper terraces more, the Acoustic curtains are lifted with motorized devices entirely similar to those of the Fly curtain. Congress Centrum Suhl
In order to adapt the Plaza de toros Illumbe of Donostia-San SebastiŠn to entertain some concerts of pop music, the environmental acoustics was improved with the installation of 46 Acoustic curtains with a 25 x 3 m size manufactured with the fabric ARI - Reps Ignitex. Plaza de toros Illumbe
Some Acoustic curtains made of FBR - Bruxelles with Austrian drapery used for the optimization the acoustics of a theatrical hall. Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi
The sound-absorbing properties of fabrics are frequently used to improve environmental acoustics.
Furthermore, their decorative features allow to combine acoustic purposes with those of aesthetic and functional value.
The technical aoustics consultants use the properties of fabrics both in ameliorative interventions and in the new projects.
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Plaza de Toros Illumbe, Acoustic curtains

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