Teatro Massimo Bellini, ''La traviata''


The sketches by Antonio Fiorentino for the four transparent backdrops QGH - Ghiaccio digital printing, which will be printed with the White Inkray technique, that is, with a white typographic screen.They will be installed, on the scene, in this order: 1. ''Bedroom'' backdrop2. ''Tree'' backdrop3. ''Book'' backdrop4. ''Hall'' backdrop
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The curtain opens on the scene at the beginning of the famous prelude.In the prelude, all four QGH - Ghiaccio digital printing transparent backdrops are present at the same time with the expected succession.But the lighting makes visible ...
... only the first backdrop, which represents the ''Bedroom'' in which Violetta relives her memories during the agony, while the prelude traces the themes of the entire opera.Lighting evokes ...
... the appearance of the characters, motionless like Violetta's memories, and brings out what was already behind the transparent backdrop ''Bedroom'' , albeit made invisible by the illumination concentrated on the first backdrop itself.Here the lighting brings out the large table set as if from nowhere.The characters of the choir standing behind the table are still only touched by the light ...
... while here they are highlighted more decisively.The lighting behind the ''Bedroom'' backdrop becomes more intense and highlights in superimposition, as in a cross fade, all the four Ghiaccio transparent backdrops.The character on the left (Alfredo) and the group of six characters around the table on the right are located between the first backdrop ''Bedroom'' and the second backdrop ''Tree''.This happens before ...
... the ''Bedroom'' backdrop rises like a veil over Violetta's memories.Having got out of bed, the dying girl approached the characters who remain motionless behind the table on the right ...
... as if they were in a photographic image that has fixed them forever in the past.The first of the transparent backdrops is now the ''Tree'' backdrop, behind which the ''Book'' backdrop, the large table of the hall, the characters of the choir and, at the end of the scene, the backdrop ''Hall''.
As the light changes in temperature and makes the scene colder, the transparent backdrop ''Tree'' is lifted like a second veil and ...
Melodrama in three acts
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
First night
Venice, Teatro La Fenice, 6/3/1853

Antonio Fiorentino
Costume design
Dora Argento
Light design
Salvatore Da Campo
Technical direction
Renzo Milan
Stage direction

2012 / 2013

Materials used in this production

QGH - Ghiaccio

Decorative films

QGH - Ghiaccio digital printing

ZFG - Backdrops made of QGH - Ghiaccio

Mirror / transparent backdrops

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