Theater an der Wien, ''Radamisto''


The stage is surrounded by three walls for projections, on the back and on the sides.The picture shows the combination of frontal projections on a surface made of black BOP - Opera tulle and of lighting effects coming from the space between the Ghiaccio transparent backdrops and the black walls installed in succession behind the tulle.Tulle has both the assignment to serve as a support for the projections ...
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... and that to filter the brightness of the Ghiaccio transparent backdrops.Behind the badkground wall it is visible, through the door, a Rear-projection screen realized with the film RAR - Arizona.
The Ghiaccio transparent backdrops create an air chamber in which it is introduced some smoke that is then illuminated both with light coming from inside and from outside, depending on the demands of the scene.The scenographer, the light designer and the projectionist have so at their disposal some walls for projections with manifold properties: the black BOP - Opera tulle stops in fact only a part of the light of the projections ...
... while the Ghiaccio transparent backdrops partly reflects them and partly allows its passage. In this way also the space that separates the Ghiaccio transparent backdrops from the black walls creates a screen that, thanks to the smoke, acquires some depth and movement.
Behind the door it is installed a Rear-projection screen RAR - Arizona filtered by a backdrop made of black BOP - Opera tulle too.
The combined effect of the projections on the backdrops made of black BOP - Opera tulle and of the inner illumination of the wall made with the Ghiaccio transparent backdrop.
Lighting effects on the smoke introduced behind the Ghiaccio transparent backdrop.
Ghiaccio transparent backdrop and Rear-projection screen RAR - Arizona.
Opera in three acts
First night
London, King's Theatre, 27/04/1720

Vincent Lemaire
Costume design
Light design
Guido Levi
Barbara Weigel
Scenographical realizations
Bruckschwaiger GmbH
Deko-Bau Sp. z o.o.
Technical project
Slav Gospodinov
Technical direction
Christoph Bauch
Production direction
Veronika Leitl
Stage direction
Vincent Boussard


Materials used in this production

BOP - Opera

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

QGH - Ghiaccio

Decorative films

RAR - Arizona

Rear-projection films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

ZFG - Backdrops made of QGH - Ghiaccio

Mirror / transparent backdrops

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