WOV - Vela Eyelet

Metal made, for fabric creations

WOP - Small Eyelet - inside ě 9 mm- outside ě 19 mm WOC - C Eyelet - inside ě 15 mm- outside ě 28 mmWOV - Vela Eyelet - inside ě 40 mm- outside ě 62 mm
WOV - Vela Eyelet is a large and robust metal eyelet formed by two parts (eyelet and washer).
The WOV - Vela Eyelets are applied firmly to the fabric artifacts with an eyelet machine, normally to edges which are reinforced by means of WCP - PLP Strap P.
They are mainly used to suspend curtains of limited width and weight by means of supporting tubes passing through them.
galvanized metal
Inside ě
40 mm
Outside ě
62 mm
Available colours
see colour chart

as an accessory for tailor made creations

Colour chart

WOV - Vela Eyelet 01. nickel

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Finishings for fabrics

Fabric: finishings and accessories

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