Assembly hall in a school

Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)

The project of the stage.The proscenium arch has a width of 15,20 m and a width of 3,85 m.On the sides of the Traveller curtain there are two fixed wings made in the same way of the curtain.
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The Traveller curtain made of FBR - Bruxelles, color 9 red, was manufactured with Vertical fullness making 100%.The curtain is decorated with NFR - Fringe 28 cm cotton + lurex, color gold, the valance with NFR - Fringe 10 cm.
The opening test, at the end of the installation, of the Traveller curtain realized with a motorized rail 1K - Kompas. 1K - Kompas - Configuration 1.M 1 - Central opening single rail + rodsM - Motorized (engine Peroni 2MC)Stroke 15 m (7,5+7,5 m)
The stage is equipped with a backdrop made of BCI - Cinecittā, color grey, 13,26 m wide and 3,84 m high.
The Stage masking is made of COS - Oscurante.
A detail of the motorized rail system 1K - Kompas.The curtain, the wings of the curtain and the valance made of FBR - Bruxelles are lined with HST300 - Satin Trevira 300, color 6 bordeaux.
The 2MC - Engine for compact rail systems.
The 2QE - Panel board of the 2MC - Engine for compact rail systems.
The hall, primarily aimed at general meetings of a school of Khanty-Mansiysk, a town in western Siberia, was equipped with a Traveller curtain made of FBR - Bruxelles, a Stage masking made of COS - Oscurante and a backdrop made of BCI - Cinecittā.

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Small traveller curtain, opening test

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