Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Macbeth''


The dark close-ups of the demons are projected onto a backdrop made of black tulle BGO - Gobelin hanging near the proscenium, dimensions 18 x h 11 m.The background of the stage space is closed by a Rear-projection screen realized with the RNO - Notturno film, 15 x h 13 m.
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The sides of the scene are delimited instead by some framed wings, 2 x h 7,7 m, made of PNE - Nerissimo film.The framed wings ...
... are three for each side and they can flow thanks to several Kompas rail systems.The diagonal lines are frontally projected on the wings made of PNE - Nerissimo and on the RNO - Notturno screen.The horizontal lines ...
... are instead rear-projected on the RNO - Notturno screen.
Light effects frontally projected on the RNO - Notturno screen and on the PNE - Nerissimo wings ...
.... often reach the choir too.
The frontal projections alternate and overlap in fading ...
Melodrama in four acts
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
First night
Florence, Teatro della Pergola, 14/3/1847

Costume design
Alessandro Lai
Light design
Vincent Longuemare
Visual design
Davide Broccoli
Sara Caliumi
Technical direction
Roberto Mazzavillani
Stage direction
Cristina Mazzavillani Muti

Ravenna Festival
Teatro del Giglio of Lucca
Fondazione Teatri of Piacenza
Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa of Savona
Fondazione Teatro Comunale of Ferrara
2013 / 2014

Materials used in this production

1K - Kompas

Track systems

BGO - Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

BRL - Rexor

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

Crossing curtains

Typology of curtain

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

PNE - Nerissimo

Frontal projection films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

RNO - Notturno

Rear-projection films