Folie, 3≥

Paris, Parc de la Villette

Installation designed and built by Atelier CRAFT ...
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... with No. 27 thermoformed silver QSF - Miroflex mirror panels.
The QSF - Miroflex mirror panels have been cut into square modules ...
... which have been thermoformed ...
... and fixed to the red enamelled metal tubes ...
... of the structure added to the main one created in 1983 by Bernard Tschumi.
The thermoformed QSF - Miroflex mirror plates were fixed back to back ...
... creating a multi-wave, double-sided reflective surface that reflects the light of day, multiplying its intensity.
Grafted onto this Folie, 3≥, one of the 26 buildings that in the Parc de la Villette evoke the homonymous kiosks characteristic of French gardens from the 18th century, the installation appears as an extension of its structure.
Conceived as a new room, it comes to life during the day thanks to the reflections of the sun and at night thanks to the red lighting coming from inside the Folie.
Designed in continuity with the main module created by Bernard Tschumi, this offshoot drags the visitor towards a new abstract system of lines and surfaces and plunges her / him into a dreamlike dimension .
Conception, fabrication
collectif 5+1, festival 100%

Materials used in this production

QSF - Miroflex

Mirroring materials

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