Digital Samovar, ''Thumbelina''

Nantes (France)

The scene is veiled by three small backdrops made of ASL300S - Light Sceno 300 cm sheer muslin ...
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... with WLA - Ties sewn at 18 cm from the top edge ...
... and with the perimeter finished with overlock Seam.
The triangular sails on the sides of the scene are made of ASH - Shedlight.In the background, a Rear-projection screen made ​​of two parts with the film RNV - Nevada and delimited on the sides by two wings made of black COS - Oscurante molton.
Thumbelina is played by Pascaline Marot.
From the homonym
fairy tale by
Yannick Donet
Fréderic Bailly
First night
Nantes, Stereolux, 23/4/2014

Stage direction
Pia Appelquist
Nathan Levinson
Marion Bouchard
Costume design
Marianne Mangone
Animated videos
Sophie Roze
Video concept
and interactions
Grégoire Gorbatchevsky

Materials used in this production

ASH - Shedlight

Muslin and canvas

ASL - Light Sceno

Sheer muslin

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

RNV - Nevada

Rear-projection films

Information on data processing