SL Control Conbox

For Classic and Chameleon

ShowLED Conbox Controller1 - Power indicator2 - LCD screen3 - Preview LEDs4 - No.16 connectors (8 channels, 2 per channel)5 - Air vents (diagonal airflow, do not cover)6 - SD card slot (firmware updates)7 - Menu buttons8 - DMX in9 - DMX out10 - Power input
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ShowLED Conbox Controller7 - Menu buttons8 - DMX in9 - DMX out10 - Power input
ShowLED Conbox Controller5 - Air vents (diagonal airflow, do not cover)6 - SD card slot (firmware updates)
ShowLED Conbox Controller4 - No. 16 connectors (8 channels, 2 per channel)
Controller for:
- ShowLED Classic
- ShowLED Chameleon
Once ShowLED Classic (unicolour) or ShowLED Chameleon RGB LED strings are linked to the ShowLED Conbox Controller, the unit will automatically switch to the respective control mode.
With 8 output channels, a ShowLED Conbox Controller runs a maximum of 512 ShowLED Classic LEDs or 256 ShowLED Chameleon RGB LEDs.
Given the standard density of around 6 LEDs per m² (randomly placed), one ShowLED Conbox Controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 m² for the ShowLED Classic LEDs or 50 m² for the ShowLED Chameleon version.

By linking several ShowLED Conbox Controller together in master-slave configuration, multiple panels can become one extended setup.

On stand-alone mode, choose from twinkling effects, chase patterns, strobe effects, or see your options extended to controlling the full colour spectrum once linked to RGB LEDs.

The ShowLED Conbox Controller offers an effects memory to save your preferred settings.
The dedicated ShowLED Conbox Controller is DMX compatible and offers two DMX modes;
control of preset chases including minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, and pattern behavior;
or full dimmer control of each individual output channel.

• 8 output channels (x RGB for ShowLED Chameleon )
• DMX Compatible
• Powers 512 ShowLED Classic or 256 RGB ShowLED Chameleon LEDs
• RDM ready
• Clip-on LED string connectors
• Dimensions: 140 x 135 x 43 mm
• Stand-alone mode with chase patterns
• Weight: 455 g

This material was used for...

ShowLED Chameleon

ShowLED starry backdrops

ShowLED Classic

ShowLED starry backdrops

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