Hamama showroom

Tel Aviv

Backdrop made of creased QSK - Retrafilm.It measures 27 x h 6.3 m ...
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... and it weighs less than 6 kg.To make it up, the strips of film were joined with a special transparent adhesive tape.It served as a reflective background ...
... to the furnishings displayed in the showroom.The backdrop in this case was illuminated from the front and did not show any transparency.However, when backlit, QSK - Retrafilm becomes semi-transparent.
An old and dark warehouse in Tel Aviv has been transformed by the designers into a white space with climbing plants, the forest of their childhood dreams.
To increase the luminosity of the environment, the designers used, as a light and undulating photo-reflecting wall, a backdrop made of crumpled QSK - Retrafilm measuring 27 x h 6,3 m.

Materials used in this production

QSK - Retrafilm

Mirroring materials

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