Teatro alla Scala, ''The Girl of the West''


The proscenium of the Teatro alla Scala.The curtain is replaced by the external wall of a log cabin, the wooden house of Far West pioneers where Minnie lives.The audience can see its interior ...
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... through the panes of a large window, which have been simulated with grey BGO - Gobelin tulle.The wall, a real materialized fourth wall, was covered with the film PBL - Blackout digital printing that imitates wood and that, rising ...
... allows the audience to enter the scene, thus returning to being a conventional fourth wall.Wall which fake presence is underlined here by the projection of the shadow of the window frame.
In this photograph taken during the construction of the log cabin it can be noticed how Minnie's entire house, a Closed set with a Ceiling, was built with six gigantic panels ...
... consisting of various framed Flats.The panels were designed in unrealistic ways by set designer Luis F. Carvalho ...
... with forms of scalene trapezoids which, installed with irregular inclinations, create a false, destabilizing and wide-angled perspective.The digital printing of the planks and the grain of the wood supports the false perspective.
The choice of the PBL - Blackout film instead of the ASC - Sceno digital printing muslin to cover the panels ...
... is dictated by the need to clean up the panels after each performance of this scene ...
Lyric opera in three acts
Giacomo Puccini, (1858-1924)
First night
New York, Metropolitan Opera House, 10/12/1910

Luis F. Carvalho
Robert Carsen
Costume design
Petra Reinhardt
Light design
Peter Van Praet
Robert Carsen
Video design
Ian William Galloway
Stage direction

2015 / 2016

Materials used in this production

ATS - Toscana

Muslin and canvas

BGO - Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

BGO - Gobelin digital printing

Printing on fabrics

FMB - Macbeth 400


PBL - Blackout digital printing

Printing on vinyl

RAR - Arizona

Rear-projection films

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