Teatro Pergolesi, ''La traviata''


In the background, Roman curtain with 11 lifting points made of HSE - Tempesta 8. grey, 13,7 x h 12 m.The silk allows you to see the choir in semi-transparency.A framed and tilted ZSK - Ultralight Mirror reflects the proscenium.On the sides, two draped backdrops with vertical fullness made of HSE - Tempesta 8. grey, 13,7 x h 10 m ...
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... are pushed aside and lifted, simulating a Swag curtain.At the same time, the Roman curtain opens to reveal the choir ...
... and a RNB - Nebbia Rear-illuminated backdrop, 20 x 10 m, that has changed color.
The two lateral draped backdrops made of HSE - Tempesta silk now cascade down the steps.The Roman curtain has been lowered and the silk crosses the large frame.
Melodrama in three acts
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
First night
Venice, Teatro La Fenice, 6/3/1853

technical direction
Costume design
Catherine Buyse Dian
Light design
Fabrizio Gobbi
Stage direction


Materials used in this production

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

Rear-illuminated backdrops

Vinyl backdrops: typologies

RNB - Nebbia

Rear-projection films

Roman curtains

Typology of curtain